Custom Guitar Pick Boxes

Square Style:

Guitar Pick Box
Guitar Pick Box
Now back in stock! Custom laser-engraved guitar pick storage box. Solid walnut box with a magnetic closure, custom engraved with your name. The box holds 6 to 12 picks, depending on thickness of the picks. Included are three solid wood picks which are fairly thick, probably best for bass or just for show. For an extra charge you can have the name engraved on the picks as well. Shipped for free in the US!

Note that usually you want a first name engraved but it could also be something like "Dad" so the box would read "Dad's Picks".

Note that this batch of picks are lighter in color than the picture.
Price: $14.95
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Guitar-shaped Style:

Guitar-shaped Pick Box
Guitar-shaped Pick Box
NEW! Custom, guitar shaped box to store your picks, custom engraved with your name. Choose either acoustic or electric style. This is my own custom design - you will not find this box anywhere else. The lid is held securely in place by four strong magnets. Note that these are made from natural wood so colors and grain will vary.

NEW! Now available in 3 different wood colors and finishes. Choose between unfinished white birch, finished cherry or finished sapelle (African mahogany). Finished cherry or sapelle are finished on the front and back of the box.

The box can hold up to twelve picks depending on their shapes and thickness. Note that picks ARE NOT included.

Free shipping in the US.
Price: $19.95
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